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Critical and Urgent Windows 8 Service Advisory


Parallels issued the service advisory below in advance of Friday’s Windows 8 availability to ensure our Parallels Desktop for Mac customers were aware that while full installations of Windows 8 previews and RTM builds have been successfully tested, as well as downloaded and installed by hundreds of thousands of customers, the Windows 8 upgrade is not available for testing until Friday.  It is important for customers to know the potential dangers of installing the Windows 8 upgrade in their virtual machine until we can test it to confirm there are no known issues.   When Windows 8 upgrade is available Parallels will immediately run tests and update our customers regarding the outcome as soon as possible. 


In the meantime, we encourage everyone who is eager to try Windows 8 to install the full version of Windows 8 to experience exciting new operating system.   Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac customers can also enjoy and choose the amount of integration between Mountain Lion and Windows 8 that best suits them.


Excited about Window 8?  So are we!  Below is critically important information to help you successfully enjoy Windows 8 on your Mac. Please read this entire notice, as it may affect your computer’s performance.


Upgrading from an existing Windows OS to Windows 8? We strongly suggest waiting until Parallels has finalized testing the upgrade process. Upgrading now may damage your virtual machine, causing you to lose all your data, files and Windows applications. We’re working hard on completing our testing of the Windows 8 upgrade, and will inform you via in-product notification when you can successfully upgrade to Windows 8. In the meantime, you can check here for status updates.


Are you are planning on performing a full install of any of the Window 8 versions into a new virtual machine? This should work just fine.  KB KB114973 has the steps to smoothly and effectively add Windows 8 to your Mac. Be sure that you are using the very latest build of Parallels Desktop 8 to create this new virtual machine.  To be sure you are on the latest build, go to the Parallels Desktop menu and click Check for Updates.


Hundreds of thousands of Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac users have already taken Windows 8 previews for a test drive and the results are overwhelmingly positive. Parallels Desktop 8 brings the goodness of OS X Mountain Lion to Windows 8 with integration features such as dictation support in text-based Windows apps, Retina Display support, Windows 8 apps can be added to Mac dock and Launchpad, Sticky Mouse to help you hit those Windows 8 pixels in the corner to access menus, Open in Internet Explorer button is added to Safari for websites that require IE, Windows 8 notifications in Mountain Lion Message Center, gestures and more! 


Check out what people are saying about running Windows 8 with Parallels Desktop 8.


“I can recommend Parallels 8 as a good solution for running Windows on a Mac simultaneously with Mac programs, and especially for Mac users who want to also use Windows 8” - Walt Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal


“The virtualization software for Macs now can marry OS X's dictation to Windows apps or Windows notifications to OS X. Also: Better Windows 8 screen-edge controls.” – Stephen Shankland, CNET


“Parallels Desktop is another intriguing product. Simply put, you install the program on a Mac, and it will let you install and runs Windows applications. But that doesn't do it justice. No reboot is required to switch between Mac and Windows operating systems. They run smoothly, side by side. In fact, using Parallels, you can run Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Windows 8, Windows 7, and more... all at the same time. All seamlessly. Furthermore, you can move all your Windows applications and files onto a Mac.” – Robert Elisberg, Huffington Post


“Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac has been revealed with the power to integrate OS X Mountain Lion and Windows 8 like a boss. With features that take into account the most integral features of both systems, you’ll be working on the Mac computer of your choice with all the greatness of the most advanced operating systems from both Apple and Microsoft. Both Parallels Desktop 8 Switch to Mac Edition and standard Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac are ready to make your next-generation operating system cross-use easy as pie.” – Chris Burns, Slashgear


If you're upgrading from an earlier version of Windows to Windows 8 with Parallels Desktop, we strongly suggest waiting until we can finish testing the upgrade process. If you are installing the full version of Windows 8, you shouldn't have any issues. Stay tuned for an update from Parallels coming soon. 



Reader Comments (4)

This advice would have been helpful before upgrading.

I upgraded and when things stopped working properly... I quit and restarted the app... Then this notice was displayed.

I know it obviously was not intentional of you company... but I feel ripped off, and now am going to lose a day's work and productivity... as I need to backup what data I can, drive from work back home, pickup and restore data on my old Windows machine and come back to work.

This notice should have been supplied to me when I purchased the licence 24 hours ago (after my free trial).

October 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSam Harrison

Does "upgrading" include upgrading an existing Windows 8 consumer preview to Windows 8 Pro?

October 30, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAJ

windows 8 is one of the worse product which microsoft developed.. difficult to operate and not a v user friendly

February 11, 2013 | Unregistered Commentersabrina

Does "upgrading" include upgrading an existing Windows 8 consumer preview to Windows 8 Pro?

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